Activities & Volunteer Opportunities

Voter Service Election Activities

This is a core service for the League of Women Voters. Volunteers help to plan and organize candidate forums, create both on-line and printed voter guides and offer education about topical election information. These are fun team activities with a variety of volunteer roles to fill. Candidate forums and voter guides are the two services most often appreciated by the local community. Join the League and you will receive the training, mentoring and support to provide these valuable community voter services.

Voter Registration and Education

League members are trained in current voter registration information so that they can help citizens who are eligible to vote to become registered. Volunteers attend community events and activities, go to local high schools and participate in NMU campus events to register new voters and to share information about voting, voting rights and upcoming elections. This has been one of the most popular volunteer activities that has attracted many of our members.

Observer Corps

The Observer Corps volunteers attend local governmental meetings to observe, summarize and report back to the League and the community. This project strengthens citizens right to know what their local governmental officials are working on and what kind of decisions they are making. It is a valuable opportunity to learn about county, city and township governments. It helps the League to build relationships with local officials and be prepared to ask good and topical questions for the voter guides and the candidate forums. If you are interested in preserving open government and freedom of information for citizens, becoming a LWV Observer Corps volunteer is the opportunity for you.

Community Education, Events and Marches

League volunteers participating in these projects can have fun building floats, creating signs, walking in parades and marching at events. It helps raise awareness about the League and provides avenues to share important voter service information. Community Education can range from visiting local civic clubs and groups to talk about the LWV to presenting on more in-depth voting and election topics. Extensive training and support is provided. The local Leagues benefit from professionally designed presentation materials from the state League but creative and knowledgeable volunteers can also design their own. Many League members also enjoy volunteering to set up event venues, coordinate the publicity and greet and welcome people at the events.

Celebrations and Fun Events

This is where League volunteers relax, have fun and get to know one another. Enjoy a movie, celebrate an accomplishment or share a pizza and get to know your local League members.