Voting & Election Info

Are You Registered to Vote?

Check to see if you are registered at the MI Voter Information Center

How to Register to Vote

Go to this Secretary of State webpage for a Step by Step Guide

Find Your Clerk

Not sure who your clerk is, or where their office is? Find your clerk: MI Sec of State

Find Your Absentee Ballot Drop Box is a ballot drop box locator by the Voters Not Politicians Education Fund. Use the website to find the location of the drop box in the city/township where you are registered to vote.

Still Have Questions

Still have questions? Visit the Voting FAQ page at the League of Women Voters of Michigan for answers to other questions.

Know Your Rights

A coalition of nonpartisan organizations, including the League of Women Voters of Michigan, and election officials continuously work to ensure that everyone can make their voice heard in our democracy. We do that by educating citizens about their voting rights, engaging citizens to be a part of the democratic process and protecting the right of every citizen. Know Your Voting Rights MichiganVoting